A history of battle between the uss monitor and the css merrimack

Construction began with sections 15, 14 and 13 from the Newport News side followed by sections 1, 2 and 3 from the Suffolk side. Monitor engages Virginia[ edit ] Ironclads engaged in terrific combat by Currier and Ives Both sides used the respite to prepare for the next day.

They agree that the result of the Monitor—Merrimack encounter was not a victory for either side. First 10 pages of the volume is a business ledger,possibly of Benjamin Bragg of Amelia County.

Letter, 20 April Monitor[ edit ] After resting undetected on the ocean floor for years, the wreck of Monitor was located by a team of scientists in How To Cite This Article: Grantattempts led by General Benjamin F. Includes transcripts and partial transcripts for some of the letters.

Selected records of the War Department relating to Confederate prisoners of war, Lieutenant Catesby ap Roger Jones had directed much of the conversion of Merrimack to Virginia, and he was disappointed when he was not named her captain.

Brandonand his granddaughter Charles Anthony and discuss family news, births, marriages, and deaths in the community, farming, travel, health, and the Civil War.

Battle between the Monitor and the Merrimac (Virginia)

Anderson as brigadier general, as well as letters from Robert E. Command[ edit ] The Confederate chain of command was anomalous. Both sides claimed victory. He asks about his children and adds that he has not received any letters from his wife. According to a note by the donor, Gloria Hollister Anable, her paternal grandfather found the signatures in receipt books in the Virginia State House and sent them back home to Stamford, Connecticut.

Diary,of George E. Two important points were constantly kept in mind: The sloop-of-war Cumberland and frigate Congress were anchored in the channel near Newport News. The Monitor was faster and more maneuverable, but was limited to one shot every seven or eight minutes.

The photo above was taken from near the highest point of the small boat channel span. This tunnel is the newest of four operated by the Virginia Department of Transportation in Hampton Roads and consists of a mile-long underwater tunnel and three miles of bridge trestle.

The Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel opened this morning three minutes after midnight, completing a highway network begun three decades ago and ushering in rapid economic growth for Western Tidewater.

It is connected to the southern tip of Newport News. Waiting for her only a few miles away was a bevy of Union blockaders ready to do battle. To counter this threat, the Confederacy began to build a fleet of ships clothed in iron panels that made them impervious to enemy cannon fire.

The Virginia was scuttled by her crew when the Confederates abandoned Norfolk on May 11,and the Monitor sank in a gale off Cape Hatteras on December 31, Business correspondence and documents,from various Virginia regional banks, consisting of correspondence and documents related to the Clarksville branch of the Exchange Bank of Virginia; correspondence of Savings Institution of RichmondPittsylvania Savings BankWilliam M.

There Monitor drifted idly for about twenty minutes. Letters,from Seth H. Congress caught fire and burned throughout the rest of the day. The ceremonies, on the Newport News end of the bridge-tunnel, are public. Letter, 6 November Captain Buchanan intended to attack as soon as possible.

In the confusion of the moment resulting from so serious an injury to the commanding officer, the Monitor had been moving without direction.

After further deliberations Lincoln was finally assured but Stanton remained almost in a state of terror and sent telegrams to various governors and mayors of the coastal states warning them of the danger. The book The Virginia by Winston Brady, based on the Battle of Hampton Roads, depicts Captain s Franklin Buchanan and John Worden as tragic heroes who are injured during the battle as a punishment for their over-confidence created by the powerful, nigh-indestructible ships they commanded.[], Frank.

Letter, 8 June Accession 4 pages. Letter, 8 Junefrom Frank [], a Massachusetts soldier, to his brother, informing his brother that he is headed to the hospital in Washington D.C.; commenting on rumors of the death of Confederate General Joseph Johnston at the battle of Seven Pines (Fair Oaks);.

Ironclad: The Epic Battle, Calamitous Loss and Historic Recovery of the USS Monitor [Paul Clancy] on mint-body.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The small, ungainly iron ship may have saved the union. Then in a vicious winter storm, it plunged into the depths of the Atlantic.

Battle of Mobile Bay: A summary of the Battle of Mobile Bay from August 5 to 23, The CSS Virginia: Sink Before Surrender (Civil War Series) [John V. Quarstein] on mint-body.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Battle of Mobile Bay

When the CSS Virginia (Merrimack) slowly steamed down the Elizabeth River toward Hampton Roads on March 8, Construction started Thursday on the first of the Navy’s new class of fleet replenishment oiler, the future USNS John Lewis.

Interstate includes the mile Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel.

A history of battle between the uss monitor and the css merrimack
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