An analysis of cell phones while driving

The fine increase was not at all effective at stopping motorists from using their phones while driving. To act preventively for the distraction part, beyond criminalizing driving while distracted, it is prudent to look on the technological innovation.

Modalities to figure out ways of detecting, eliminating or mitigating distraction, and disabling the vehicle or alerting the driver when such distraction is detected, it will serve greater service than singling out only one problematic device for banning.

Specifically, negative effects were seen in detecting and responding correctly to road signs, detecting hazards, time spent with eyes off the road, and only for sending text messages lateral position.

For handling the phone it can easily be integrating cell phones into the overall configuration of the vehicle and this only requires hands free systems with voice recognition would mmake the handling part of the distraction.

The major drawback of using cell phones during driving is that it distracts attention of driver. However, it is with great importance to note that talking to a phone is not any different from a passenger holding conversation with a driver A new law would be entirely appropriate if there were no way in which to use a new item safely while in a car.

In the same year statistics revealed that only 30, drivers were given a Fixed penalty notice FPN for the offence, compared toin [29]. However, observations, experience, and studies all have highlighted the dangerous effects of using cell phones during driving, strictly unadvisable, and an illegal matter.

This has to mostly focus on the hands free gadget and more importantly on the other hand the emotional state of the conversation passing through it. Both increased smartphone sales and lack of enforcement created a situation where in which it was acceptable to use your phone while driving again, yet having being illegal for over 13 years [30].

Essay on using cell phones while driving Argument Essay on the Use of Cell Phones while Driving Cell phones were introduced in the United States market in the decade of and their usage instantly grew during next two decades.

The consciousness of events happening around vehicle has a huge impact on driving. The biggest detriment would be for newly qualified drivers who have passed their driving tests within the last two years [32].

The impact of cell phones while driving has become increasingly apparent in recent years through hundreds of research.

Mobile phones and driving safety

It is of great importance to understand that using cell-phones while driving can be a very risky business. Evidence suggests that the relative risk of being in a collision while using a cell phone is similar to the hazard of driving with a blood of alcohol level limit.

Research: Why Talking on a Cell Phone While Driving Should be Banned

When adjusted for distance driven per year and other crash risk exposures, RR was 1. Cell phones make it easy to contact during emergency even during driving although using cell phone while driving is mostly dangerous and not advisable, it provides the convenience of tackling emergency situation, listening music through hands-free, and tracking routes etc.

Bencardino, Simon Blease, Using cell phones make it difficult to keep an eye on the outside events. Not only does mobile phone use while driving jeopardize safety for the driver, anyone in the car, or others on the road but it also produces economic costs to all parties involved.

Mishap and misfortunes can happen in a split in a second especially when texting messages, receiving a call or dialing a number hence the lack of concentration puts risk of accident.An Updated Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Experimental Studies.” Author Jeff Caird, a professor in psychology and community health sciences at the University of Calgary, notes that the number of studies on cell phones and driving has more than tripled since the last meta-analysis was conducted in Driving while using a handsfree cellular device is not safer than using a hand held cell phone, as concluded by case-crossover studies, epidemiological, simulation, and meta-analysis.

[6] [7] The increased cognitive workload involved in holding a conversation, not the use of. Cell Phones while Driving essay writing service, custom Cell Phones while Driving papers, term papers, free Cell Phones while Driving samples, research papers, help.

The study appears in Risk Analysis: Drivers were much more likely to talk on their phones while driving than they were to use their phones to text.

texting while driving, using cell phones. A study from the Harvard Center of Risk Analysis estimates that cell phone use while driving contributes to 6 percent of crashes, which equates tocrashes,injuries, 12, serious injuries and 2, deaths each year and a tab of $43 billion, according to a statement from the NSC today.

Crash Risk of Cell Phone Use While Driving: A Case – Crossover Analysis of Naturalistic Driving Data This report investigates the relationship between using a cell phone while driving and the risk of being involved in a crash by comparing cell phone use immediately prior to crashes versus during ordinary driving by the same drivers using in-vehicle video from a large study.

An analysis of cell phones while driving
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