An introduction to the history of the battle of ap bac

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Colonel Cao was naturally pleased with such a striking success, particularly since he had obtained it at almost no cost to his own forces. At least that was the hope. Obviously, at this point, the situation was dire, to say the least.

Vietnam: Kennedy, Diem and the Battle of Ap Bac, January 2, 1963

Not only was the plan a challenging one, but it was fated to suffer from the same old bugaboo that has doomed many a worthy operation over the centuries— bad intelligence.

In the rear-view mirror we can see that it was a key turning point in the war. Disenchantment gained momentum by this time actively encouraged by the NLF in the mismanaged strategic-hamlet program and then among the Buddhists… Americans helplessly watched Diem tear apart the fabric of Vietnamese society more effectively than the Communists had ever been able to do.

The Civil Guard battalions, like the infantry company mounted in Ms to the west, were under command of Major Lam Quang Tho, the province chief. Now the Ms were driving blind with no contact with a functioning commander. This was one more piece of insurance against collusion among his officers.

And in Asia, tiny Laos was in turmoil. Laos and Vietnam both had communist insurgencies actively being faced by American CIA elements in the field. By that time, General Cao had assembled a briefing that showed how the 7th Division and supporting province troops had trapped a Viet Cong unit at Bac and were about to annihilate it.

Cao had no interest in putting his battalions through the regular training cycles that Vann kept urging on him. Then David Toczek unearthed battle events and gave Ap Bac a true scholarly examination.

Because of their carefully prepared locations in the tree lines, the VC were very hard to spot. Three Hs and one of the five escorting UH-1 gun ships were shot down within five minutes, and every single one of the Hs and all of the UH-1s except one sustained battle damage.

Just off the coast of Florida, Cuba appeared to be an enemy in our midst. It became something of a cause celebre that changed American views on the war. Crucially, they cut down bamboo and branches and laid a false rooftop over their position; perched as they were on a 2 metre high knoll of land that had been reclaimed from the paddies.

battle of ap bac Essay Examples

The rd and th companies blocked the far western position side as Task Force C, but it was not committed to battle.At Ap Bac, a village in the Mekong Delta 50 miles southwest of Saigon, the Viet Cong inflict heavy casualties on a much larger South Vietnamese force.

This battle provided an important set of lessons for both sides that would influence the war to come. The lead American adviser was John Paul Vann, whose experiences at Ap Continue reading "The battle of Ap Bac".

The Battle of Ap Bac, Vietnam: They Did Everything But Learn From It [David M.

Battle of Ap Bac

Toczek] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On January 2,the South Vietnamese Army (ARVN) and its American advisors were soundly defeated by Viet Cong guerrilla forces at Ap Bac.

The loss should have caused U.S. policy makers to question the value of their efforts to train and equip the /5(4). At the time the Battle of Ap Bac was touted by Saigon HQ and the senior journalists back in DC as a major victory.

Only Neil Sheehan saw the significance of the battle. The Battle of Ap Bac was the first significant engagement between tenets of North and South Vietnam.

Viet Cong are successful at Ap Bac

Learn about the battle, including the cause, the tactics and its impact on the Vietnam War in this lesson. The Battle of Ap Bac, Vietnam They Did Everything but Learn from It. by David M. Toczek.

Examines the January Battle of Ap Bac and places it in the larger context of the Vietnam War.

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An introduction to the history of the battle of ap bac
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