Building a business plan for your farm stand

Never leave a towel lying on a counter; it will give the place a sloppy appearance. Potatoes, corn, and pumpkins require more growing space, but they are good sellers.

A business plan consists of several parts. Determine the cost and estimated acquisition date. Virtually any type of vegetable or fruit can be sold at a roadside farm stand.

Plans & Ideas

Even the harried businessman will be more receptive to a friendly greeting and find stopping at your place a welcome break in his hectic routine. The fruit-and-vegetable stand is one of the last bastions of real free enterprise, one of the last true family businesses left that has not been swallowed up into a conglomerate.

To set goals and objectives, ask yourself the basic what? Who will conduct employee training in-house, paid consultant, community college, other recreational businesses? When selling fresh produce, this is a regular aspect of the business.

The business plan serves many purposes and is essential to starting a new venture as part of your farm, ranch, or processing operation. Shabbiness suggests something unpleasant to the average passing motorist, and the more cars that pass by, the less your chance of selling those items that are slowly going bad right before your eyes.

It is quite possible to run these roadside farm stands on the honor system. If you want to run your stand on a community-type basis, with several groups pitching in, a percentage of the sales should go to upkeep and taxes. When spring comes, these plants can be transplanted into the backyard garden and will produce fruit and vegetables much sooner.

You should review your data on products, customers, competitors, and budgets to develop the trends and projections. You know when your particular crops will bear the heaviest, so find out in which direction traffic is heaviest at that time of year: Be realistic in making these forecasts. Fruit and vegetables are perishable items and have a limited shelf life.

There is an advantage to this in that it could eliminate a series of small stands placed all up and down the highway and allow the land needed for the stand on individual homesteads to be used for something else.

Goals are three to five years out; objectives are things you want to accomplish in the next year. What benefits will you provide?

How to Start and Run a Produce Stand

It need not be at truck-bed level, but should have an area large enough to maneuver a hand truck into. Most of these costs will be one-time expenditures, while a few will occur every year.

Your marketing and advertising method may be as simple as word of mouth and repeat customers, or it may involve an ad campaign with printed materials, radio spots, newspaper or other media advertising, mass mailings, and the like. Some resources are listed later in this series of publication.

In some areas, the roadside stand has fallen into disfavor. How much will you charge? Some areas for consideration may include sales volume, profits, customer satisfaction, owner compensation, number of employees, employee development, etc.

There are more honest people around than dishonest people. Pick a quieter road with sufficient traffic moving along at a slower pace.

How does it compare to other similar recreation enterprises? Describe Your Product or Service: The fruit-and-vegetable stand is a branch of farm life and nature with an air of a country store about it.

Starting a roadside farm stand By John Murray

How will you set salaries and wages? Fruits are a terrific item to sell at a roadside farm stand.

Creating a Business Plan

People like to know who they are buying from.Building a Business Plan for Your Farm: Important First Steps is a 20 page publication that discusses the initial steps to help you move toward writing a formal business plan. Organic Farm Business Planning Page from North Carolina State University features a number of publications and links related to financial planing for organic farmers.

Starting a roadside farm stand By John Murray. Starting a roadside farm stand • March/April, For country landowners who desire a way to supplement their income, operating a small roadside farm stand is an excellent business venture. Produce which is harvested on a backyard farm is a viable commodity when offered for sale to the.

1 Building a Business Plan for Your Farm: Important First Steps Rodney Jones Prepared for the Risk and Profit Summer Conference August 14 - 15, How to Start and Run a Produce Stand A roadside stand is a good way to sell the produce from your garden or small farm.

build your own root cellar, or create a green dream home, come out and. If you have plans or drawings for your farm stands, material lists, or ideas on how to create a farm stand from a recycled materials, please submit your ideas to urbanFarmStands AT Here are some of the plans I created to create the Los Altos Hills Farm Stand.

For this stand, we started with. FS - Farm Stand Plans Construction - Farm Stand Design - How To Build A Farm Stand Area for construction: Feet ² Oversize: 12' 11 1/2" x 20' 5 1/2" x 13' 5 7/8" (height).

Building a business plan for your farm stand
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