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All pumping out ground water through tube-wells. Undoubtedly, interlinking of rivers would provide innumerable facilities and comforts but certain hurdles are bound to arise in the implementation of the project. There are a lot of plans which try to decrease this dependency on monsoon.

India is faced with poor water supply services, farmers and urban dwellers. The largest of them — the Ganga basin — is not the worst case. Different schemes covering 21 cities of Haryana, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh are being implemented to remove pollution from the water of river Yamuna.

Everyone fighting to win the maximum allocation of the Krishna river for their respective state.

Short essay on Importance of Rivers in India

What to talk of drinking, it cannot even be used for bathing. In at least some inter-link projects, neighboring countries such as Bangladesh may be affected, and international concerns for the project must be negotiated.

This is the basis of the rich agriculture of the plains of India, and of the rich fisheries off our coasts. After starting from Yamunotri, it travels kms and joins river Ganga near Allahabad. Throwing dirty water, throwing flowers after worship, washing filthy clothes, throwing of hair, rowdyism, doing vulgar activities, throwing of dirty clothes etc.

It originates from a glacier cuff Mount Kailas near the lake Manasarovar, and with the name Tango it flows through Tibet about kms from west to east. Suitable for Drinking 2. Cost of the project was estimated at 5,60, crore; the true cost can known only when the detailed project reports of the 30 river link projects are drawn up So far only Ken-Betwa project is under survey.

Poverty and population issues[ edit ] India has a growing population, and large impoverished rural population that relies on monsoon-irrigated agriculture. Water of river Ganga, which is considered as nectar in India, has become poisonous today.

Large areas under forests may be submerged under water. Agriculture is another major area which will get positive impact. After treatment in refining plants, use water in fish farms and for irrigation and generate power from the remaining waste after treatment. Thereafter, these two streams combine and bear the name "The Ganga".

Interlinking of rivers in India - Advantages & Disadvantages

Maximum economic activities concentrate around rivers. Suitable for irrigation, industrial cooling and waste disposal In India, river pollution has extended in every context. India has a large coastline and desalination of the sea water and using it for irrigation purposes is also one of the alternatives which must be seriously considered.

The construction of reservoirs and dams may swallow up the natural habitats of wild life and the ecology of the country may be subjected to unknown consequences. At present, 50 per cent population of the world resides in river basins, where they use river water for different activities including agriculture and industry.

It is the largest river of Orissa with a length of about kms. The aim is to conserve monsoon flows for irrigation and hydropower generation, along with flood control.[Polity] Inter linking of Rivers in India: Benefits, Problems, China dispute etc. follow site Subscribe polity 25 Comments 6 years Ago What is the inter-linking river project?

The core objectives of the paper are to study issues and challenges in interlinking of rivers in India and to study environmental impact of Inter-River Linking Project (IRL). At the backdrop of this, the present paper is an attempt to study issues and challenges in.

Inter-Linking of Rivers – Essay. Article shared by. All ancient civilizations world over were born, bred, flourished and advanced by the river banks.

water resources was prepared which envisages interlinking of 37 national rivers through 30 links across km with 32 connecting dams. The apex court of India has issued a directive to. Essay on the most popular Rivers of India. As the rivers of the north India have their sources in the Himalayas, they are perennial, being snow-fed in summer.

The major rivers are the Ganga and its tributaries, the Brahmaputra and the Sutlej, Ravi and Beas. Short essay on Importance of Rivers in India Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On December 26, By Vikash Pathak The rivers in India are all holy.

National River Linking Project: Dream or disaster?

Essay on River Water Pollution in India (with statistics) Article shared by: In India, river pollution has crossed the mark of crisis. Three important river systems of the north like Indus, Ganga and Brahmaputra are suffering from pollution.

Essay on Linking of Rivers in India

Damodar River Pollution.

Connecting rivers india essay
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