Diversity case competition

The majority of the funding for the event is provided by corporate partners. Once a team has been selected if a substitution must be made the team captain should notify conference director Connie Chambers seven days prior to the competition.

Meals will be provided during the competition from Thursday night until Saturday at lunch. It will also allow partners Diversity case competition do not attend the event the opportunity to share in the experience.

Advisors must be an employee of the college. Judges are interested in the unique and meaningful insights the team can bring to the table.

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This will enable partners to be strategic in their networking and recruiting at the event. Our strong partners and supporters of the event are one of the main things that help us attract such high caliber participants.

The prize money and the lack of financial burden on students who are interested in participating make this event attractive. In the spirit of the competition, which seeks to promote diversity, each four member team is asked to include at least two members who identify as underrepresented minority individuals.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A selected team may be disqualified if the makeup of the team does not meet the requirements Competition Structure Teams will be given a case and expected to present a strategy within 36 hours to a panel of business leaders. As partners seek to increase diversity in their workforce, attending the NDCC as a corporate partner provides access to more than talented students from widely varying racial, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds.

There will be three divisions, teams will draw for their division and presentation order on Thursday night. Every member of the team must have a significant speaking role in the presentation.

Teams must bring their own laptops and have the ability to put their presentations on a flash drive. Diversity case competition also allows companies to strengthen their relationship with participating schools. Faculty and current students will provide participants with a strong framework and supportive learning environment with an emphasis on teamwork.

Funding the costs associated with student participation in the program is a priority as it eliminates barriers to participation ultimately allowing the event to showcase the best student talent.

The top three teams receive cash awards. Presentation videos Each case presentation will be filmed and made available to corporate partners after the event.

All teams will present in the preliminary rounds; the top three teams will face off in a final round. All submissions and communications should be conducted by the team captain. The case will not require teams to have technical knowledge, financial or otherwise, to be successful.

As the event is now in its seventh year and has begun to gain traction, we anticipate the increase in talent will continue.

Resumes of all participants will be made available to our corporate partners in advance of the competition. Corporate awareness and goodwill Participation in the NDCC is a tangible way for companies to demonstrate their support for diversity in the workplace.

One of the three team members must be identified as team captain at registration. Application for Travel Stipend Requirements To be considered for a travel stipend van or plane we must receive your statement of need one month prior to the competition.

This is a great opportunity to show off your talent for creating business solutions. Students should spend very little time summarizing the business case as judges will have had the opportunity to read the cases in advance.

We anticipate that the competition will continue to exceed expectations of partners and participants, while fulfilling its goal of expanding diversity in the workplace. All members of the team must present a portion of the case to the judges; however, all team members do not need to speak the same amount of time.

Why are you seeking travel funds? What is the distance, in miles, between your college campus and The University of Alabama?

Diversity and Business Ethics Case Competition

The team needs to be prepared to defend the recommendation in a respectful and compelling manner. Teams will rotate on a timed schedule to interact with a representative from each company. The largest operating expenses include reimbursement for travel and fully funding the lodging and meals for participants throughout the program.

Team Application "Our mission at the Culverhouse College of Commerce and the Manderson Graduate School of Business is to create a community of student scholars from all walks of life in which all members are respected, nurtured and encouraged to make a positive impact on society.

Teams will enhance their academic experience by analyzing a business case and then presenting their recommendations to corporate executives who serve as a panel of judges.

Event Rules The competition case will be distributed the evening of Thursday January 26th, Teams must use current research and trends in the presentation with an emphasis on thinking creatively about possible answers to the business case.The Culverhouse Leadership Diversity Case Competition involves all academic disciplines are encouraged to participate.

A significant number of University of Alabama MBA graduates have undergraduate degrees in liberal arts, engineering or communications.

The Kelley School of Business National Diversity Case Competition (NDCC) is a premier event that brings together top-level, diverse talent from colleges and universities across the country. The event includes a networking reception and dinner, case competition, and workshops.

The Diversity Case Competition is an annual premier event that takes place at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. The event brings teams of students from various university’s together by giving each team a case to solve, and then they compete, as well as.

The Inclusive Excellence (IE) Business Case Competition connects diverse students and selects companies committed to inclusive excellence. As one of the country’s few business case competitions surrounding diversity, the IE Business Case Competition allows students to apply critical thinking and knowledge about diversity to real-world problems facing the participating companies.

Munger Case Competition: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Challenge for Student Teams Rackham Graduate School is proud to present the Winter Munger Case Competition, in partnership with the Office of the Vice President for Student Life.

The Diversity and Business Ethics Case Competition (DBECC) is hosted by the Office of Diversity Affairs and the Center for Education on Social Responsibility at the Leeds School of Business.

DBECC is an opportunity for students to gain real world experience while competing in a case challenge focused on diversity and ethics in a business setting.

Diversity case competition
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