Globe my business plan 2499 flooded

Previous Bill Adjustment and Payment Summary of payments and adjustments from the previous billing period.

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Calls are shown in minutes, texts in number, and mobile data is in MB or GB. May be in the form of bill rebates that recur monthly or a one-time credit. Payment Details Describes when and where the payment has been made, when the payment was credited to the account, and the reference number for the payment.

May not show up in the bill all the time; This appears only if the customer went abroad and used the roaming service in the destination country. A tracking number assigned by the payment channel whenever payment is received.

Summary of Excess Usage Summary of Excess Usage Details of usage of local and international calls, texts, and mobile data, roaming, and value-added services that are not part of the plan. Also the same amount found in the "Sub-total" inside "Summary of Excess Usage".

Total of Other Charges Gadget and Digital Connector Gadget and Digital Connector This sections shows the gadget or device availed of, the payment one-time or installment and the value-added tax VAT applied to the payment. In the old bill, payment is usually indicated by the letters "CR" under "Details of Payments.

These are billed on top of the plan. Value Added Services These include ringback tones, picture messages, games and game credits, and other downloads and subscriptions the customer availed of to complement his mobile lifestyle.

App store purchases charged to the bill are also part of value-added services. Total Amount to Pay The sum of all these charges: Total Adjustment The total amount of adjustment credited to the account inclusive of tax. Payment Date The date on which the payment has been made.

Includes pre-termination, admin and transfer of ownership fees. Adjustment Reversals and other adjustments that may be Globe- or customer-initiated. Amount Refers to the amount paid to the account.

Postpaid Plans

Does not include VAT. Remaining Credit The amount from the excess payment or credited adjustment from the previous bill carried over to the next bill.

Your Usage Indicates the actual usage of a service.

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Details of Rewards Details of Rewards Shows the type of reward availed of and its amount. Subscription and Downloads Shows the type of one-time subscriptions and downloads that you availed of and their corresponding fees.

In the old bill, this corresponds to "Remaining Balance from Previous Bill. This is deductible against the bill. One Time Charges Shows the one-time fees for service requests you made.

Consumable The unused amount of the fixed monthly plan. This type of tax is creditable against the income tax of the payee for the period in which the income was earned.

May not show up in your bill all the time; this appears only if you used the said services. Consumables can cover usage of the following basic services: Posting Date The date the previous bill payment was credited to the account.

Allowance The allocation of calls, texts and mobile data as part of the plan components. May indicate "unlimited" if the customer is subscribed to unlimited services. Also the same amount found in the "Sub-total" inside "Plan Summary".

Also known as overdue balance or amount, this is being collected together with the total charges for the current billing period.Welcome to Globe Business. Login to manage your Globe Business account and get exclusive access to online features. Globe Broadband Plan Speed Mbps. Price ₱6, Globe Broadband Plan Speed 1 Gbps.

Price ₱9, Product Review by. If more speed is what you need then Globe Broadband Plan should be on top of your list. With blazing fast fiber broadband speeds, enjoy all the best features of the internet from playing. Welcome to Globe myBusiness. Login to manage your Globe myBusiness account and get exclusive access to online features.

Jan 19,  · Plan - iPhone 6 Jan 19, AM I intend to apply for plan and get iPhone 6, please give me the details. Globe At Home Plan Mbps, 1TB Gadget add-ons are available with this plan!

VIEW DETAILS. Choose your Globe At Home Go Unli Plan and stream all the HD movies you want without a data cap.

You can also get a Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi and enjoy a reliable, easy-to-use, and no-hassle connection at home. Globe myBusiness is built to serve the micro, small, and medium business through customizable business solutions designed to fit your needs.

Globe my business plan 2499 flooded
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