Natural based insecticides

Amazon is not just books and Kindles, they even have bug stuff! Products applied to the scalp go directly to the blood, without being filtered in any way. Low toxicity to beneficials, including bees, but do not apply to bees that are actively foraging. Met52 Metarhizium anisopliae Strain F At a pH of 6, however, it takes 12 hours for degradation to progress to that extent.

In southern Ontario, some schools have a comb loan program, where LiceMeister combs are lent to parents whose children have lice, and returned when the problem is solved.

A microencapsulated broad-spectrum pyrethroid that acts on contact and via ingestion. Labeled for use as a foliar spray on potatoes and other tuberous roots and corms, asparagus, brassicas, cucurbits, and fruiting and leafy vegetables to control aphids.

Long-lasting; resistant to rain and watering. Before you start using the insecticide, pull out any weak or already infected plants away from the garden area. Labeled for use as a foliar spray on artichoke, asparagus, bulb vegetables, corn, herbs, legumes, and roots and tubers to control caterpillars; and potatoes to control caterpillars and Colorado potato beetle.

A mite growth regulator that works as an ovicide and larvicide. The directions on the label will tell you how to use any given pesticide formulation. Works via ingestion, stopping feeding within an hour and inducing mortality within 3 days. This document is intended to be educational in nature and helpful to consumers for making decisions about pesticide use.

In vegetable gardens, it is recommended that you do not use more than 3. See Dipel for more information. Potatoes and sweet potatoes must be harvested mechanically.

Penetrating agents dissolve the waxy layer that protects the surface of leaves. Environmental Protection Agency U.

Contact insecticides are applied directly to the insect which is killed after is comes in contact with the insecticide. Abnormal vaginal bleeding, more difficult labors, and abortions were also observed in some pregnant animals at the highest doses tested.

Instead, interferes with respiration at the cellular level by inhibiting the action of cytochrome-b. Long residual up to 28 days.

Composed of spores of a naturally occurring insect pathogenic fungus.


It is used to control a wide variety of pests. A vote on the ban was expected in but delayed until early to assess scientific findings. A broad-spectrum organophosphate labeled for use on potato and sweet potato to control Colorado potato beetle, European corn borer, flea beetle, potato leafhopper, and other pests.

For more detailed information about spinosad please visit the list of referenced resources or call the National Pesticide Information Center, Monday - Friday, between 8: Effects to gland and immune cells and increases in some proteins and fats in the blood were observed.

Common in mosquito control. They are almost exclusively used for structures homes, greenhouses, etc. Chemists have made these compounds more stable and more persistent than natural pyrethrum.

Insecticides Alphabetical Listing by Trade Name

Registered for use on a wide variety of crops to control wireworm, grubs, root maggot, cutworm, flea beetle larvae, and other soil dwelling pests. These products are used to control head lice on people and fleas on dogs and cats.

See Mycotrol ESO for more information. However, if it gets on your skin or in your eyes it can cause irritation and redness. Spinosad is absorbed poorly through skin contact. These products are mainly used in herbicides. See Malathion for more information. Botanicals -- Different modes of action Nicotinoids nicotine, nornicotine -- Blocks acetyl choline receptor.

See Microthiol Disperss for more information. A fungus that kills adults or larvae by penetrating the cuticle and growing inside the insect.

A mitochondrial electron transport inhibitor that acts on contact. Dust formulations contain an active ingredient plus a powdered dry inert substance like talc, clay, nut hulls or volcanic ash.Botanical Insecticides. Your second line of defense for dealing with insects, these natural pesticides have shorter half-lives and less toxicity as commercial chemical spray.

GreeNeem, is a leading Coir and Neem based products Production and Exports Company. The company started its operations in and has more than 35 production units and has its offices and distribution network in more than 38 countries.

Head lice: the key is in the comb. The Lice Problem - if you’re a parent you’ve probably had to deal with it at least once. And you dread having to do it again.

What is spinosad? What are some products that contain spinosad? How does spinosad work? How might I be exposed to spinosad? What are some signs and symptoms from a brief exposure to spinosad? Southern Ag Natural Pyrethrin Concentrate is a highly versatile insecticide that can be used for controlling a wide range of insects, either in your garden or in and around your property.

It is the ideal choice for people who want a fast acting and naturally-occurring, botanical insecticide. NAPRALERT is now offering limited free searches of the database, as well as advancing several levels of fee-based services to the natural product community, including the employment of query structures that users of our former website will be familiar with.

The new NAPRALERT platform accommodates two query levels. Free (with limitations) searching of the NAPRALERT .

Natural based insecticides
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