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Nehru was more fortunate Nehru information his efforts to solve the problem of the Portuguese colony of Goathe last remaining foreign-controlled entity in India.

During the drafting of the Indian constitution, many Indian leaders except Nehru of that time were in favour of allowing each Princely state or Covenanting State to be independent as a federal state along the lines suggested originally by the Government of India act Although Gandhi Nehru information not officially designate Nehru his political heir untilthe Indian populace as early as the mids saw in Nehru the natural successor to Gandhi.

Non-cooperation dragged them out of the mire and gave them self-respect and self-reliance. Motilal Nehru has three daughters apart from Jawaharlal Nehru.

About the latter he wrote, "[The] Japanese victories [had] stirred up my enthusiasm Linlithgow made Nehru an offer on 8 October The following day, the British government arrested all Congress leaders, including Nehru and Gandhi.

About disharmony developed between him and Gandhi. His father, Motilal Nehru —a wealthy barrister who belonged to the Kashmiri Pandit community, [4] served twice as Nehru information of the Indian National Congress during the Independence Struggle. The politics of Allahabad relapsed into their wonted torpor; the Nehrus fell back into domestic and professional grooves.

Jawaharlal felt an irresistible Nehru information to follow Gandhi, but his father, a moderate and constitutionalist Congress leader, strongly disapproved of his twenty-nine-year-old son plunging into an unconstitutional agitation.

Jinnah demanded that the exact words be said; Gandhi refused and the talks broke down.

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However, Sardar Patel died inleaving Nehru as the sole remaining iconic national leader, and soon the situation became such that Nehru was able to implement many of his basic policies without hindrance. In November Indira, their only child, was born. Jawahar Lal Nehru is widely regarded as the architect of modern India.

He suffered a slight stroke inand a more-debilitating attack followed in January Nehru favored comprehensive development of Soviet-Indian relations and of friendship and cooperation between the Soviet Union and India, as well as the study and application of the Soviet experience in economic and cultural construction.

He was released along with the other leaders in December At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. The Congress formed governments in almost every province, and won the largest number of seats in the Central Assembly. Nehru was elected to the Congress presidency in, andand came to occupy a position in the nationalist movement second only to that of Gandhi.

Nehru was familiar with the works of K. He took office as the Prime Minister of India on 15 August, and delivered his inaugural address titled " Tryst with Destiny ".

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Independence[ edit ] In JulyNehru pointedly observed that no princely state could prevail militarily against the army of independent India. Its founding members proposed economic reforms and wanted a larger role in the making of British policy for India.

Nehru was elected in his place and held the presidency for two years — Nehru was arrested on charges of anti-governmental activities inand was released a few months later.

Link to this page: Nehru considered the salt satyagraha the high-water mark of his association with Gandhi, [38] and felt that its lasting importance was in changing the attitudes of Indians: Nehrus were Saraswat Brahmin of Kashmiri lineage.

With the withdrawal of the British and the French, the Portuguese colonial presence in India had become an anachronism. China soon withdrew its troops. He considered the main elements of such a transformation to be nationalization, planned development of the national economy with the leading role to be played by the state, introduction of antifeudal agrarian reforms, and development of agricultural cooperation.

At the Lahore session of the Congress inNehru proposed the official slogan of purna swaraj total independence. What impressed him was the planned Soviet assault on poverty, disease, and illiteracy, and the tremendous push toward industrialization and away from customs that impeded social progress.

The massive gathering of public attending the ceremony was asked if they agreed with it, and the vast majority of people were witnessed to raise their hands in approval. He was released after few months. He succeeded to a large extent in maintaining the edifice supported by those four pillars during his lifetime.

See also his autobiography, Toward Freedom American ed.Jawaharlal Nehru was born into an affluent Kashmiri Brahman family in Allahabad on November 14, Tutored at home until the age of 15, Nehru subsequently attended Harrow in England and, later. Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India and a central figure in Indian politics before and after independence.

He emerged as an eminent leader. Jawaharlal Nehru >Jawaharlal Nehru () was a great Indian nationalist leader who >worked for independence and social reform. He became first prime minister >[1] of independent India, a position he retained until his death.

He >initiated India's nonalignment policy in foreign affairs. Jawaharlal Nehru: Jawaharlal Nehru, first prime minister of independent India (–64), who established parliamentary government and became noted for his neutralist (nonaligned) policies in foreign affairs.

He was also one of the principal leaders of India’s independence movement of the s and ’40s. Jawaharlal Nehru (also referred to as Pandit Nehru) (November 14 - May 27 ) was the leader (prime minister) of India for 17 years immediately afterwhen India became independent.

He was born in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. He died of a heart attack in New Delhi. Find out information about Jawaharlal Nehru. –, Indian statesman, b. Allahabad; son of Motilal Nehru. A politician and statesman of great skill, Nehru was enormously popular in India.

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