Nissan matatu business plan

I would like to know if you have achieved this and if so if you have more information for investors? There have been numerous cases regarding corruption in the Kenyan transport industry, but people have seen it for so long it is almost the norm.

The matatu business has a lot of cash handling making its profitability very risky. OTC enjoyed a monopoly in the Kenyan transport industry until Our laws on importation of used vehicles limits up to ten years.

One way of doing this is by ensuring that only qualified and competent drivers are allowed on the roads. At certain point you mentioned about registering a venture to manage this profitable but highly risk business.

Carjacking in the matatu industry is not as common as it was a few years ago. You can get body branding and sound system installation services from the likes of Choda Fabricators, Moha Graffics, and Lithium to mention a few.

None of the said misfortunes can be said to be of lesser consequences, for at the end of the day, it affects all of us but in different ways. And again i think you should start low. Sound management is vital for success in this business, and any chances of profits are dependent on a hands-on approach.

Very soon, the government is going to do away with all seaters in the transport industry. Add this to the purchasing price and you end up spending aboutKES.

With a 14 seater van, and assuming the business is well managed, you can expect to make Ksh3, per day on average, this may however increase during peak seasons. On average, the vehicle will bring in Sh10, a day, or Sh, per month, with a return on investment achieved two years in. Crew members are now professional, and while some matatus still have rogue attendants, most of them have better money management skills.

Toyota 5L used is my target, currently I can raise about k. Is it possible for me to start with So, what do you need to know about it? In order to join some of the well established matatu saccos e. For the seater, a Toyota Shark is the best bet for guaranteed profits in the Matatu business in Kenya.

Kindly advice the best matatu, Nissan to buy coz i hear kuna Toyota caravan n shark. You can also boost your profits by cutting down on manageable costs. This will enable the owner monitor expenses and can easily tell if the business is making profit or loses. The license costs about Ksh.

Unscrupulous mechanics and garage attendants can easily ground your business if not properly supervised. Please advice Minibuses are taking over the matatu business though they have to face a stiff competition from the larger capacity buses.

The figure collected from every matatu is commensurate to the fare the vehicle charges to its destination. This can save you some hundreds of thousands which could be incurred in replacing worn out parts.

Nissan Matatu

Cop harassment The matatu business has many advantages such as high profitability and the ability to enlarge your company to unprecedented heights if the vehicles are appropriately managed. In 7 months time i will havethen i would like to take a loan 5 times of my savings for me to haveto buy a second hand matatu.

How to invest in Matatu business in Kenya

The minimum amount of initial capital you can expect to inject to get your matatu on the road is Ksh, assuming you buy an old van which has been used locally for several years. A permit from the county government to operate your matatu along a specified route should be the first license on your mind.The mission of the six-year midterm plan “Nissan M.O.V.E.

to ” is to achieve sustainable growth and to lead the technology and business evolution of the automotive industry. The lowdown on investing in the matatu business. By Trevor depending on the route you choose for your matatu and the Sacco it will belong to. Pest control in Agri-business | The Next Frontier.

Investing in a Matatu business can be profitable. However, the risks associated with the business are enough to discourage any investor.

Matatu Business – 23 Important Things You Need To Know To Survive and Grow Your Fleet

Nissan released its fourth midterm plan, a five-year business plan called "NISSAN GT ," which covered the period from April 1,to March 31, Feb 20,  · Frequently asked questions on matatu investment If I am new in Matatu business and i want to learn is it advisable to start with a second hand 14 seater or a 33 seater on financing?

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Blog Matatu Business – 23 Important Things You Need To Know To Survive and Grow Your Fleet June 23, SHARES. Share Tweet. What comes to your mind when you hear about the matatu business? Here are 23 .

Nissan matatu business plan
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