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The problem, however, is that Epicureans can be accused of free-riding. For instance, the Stoic Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor from AD, would have preferred to stay home with his loved ones and develop himself as a philosopher, but his political obligations led him to sacrifice his health and tranquility for the good of Rome.

Peace, love, and happiness are also in conflict with other values, such as self-sufficiency, liberty, and justice. Indeed, love of country or of God may inspire war. Happiness is also complicated. In response Peace love happines this problem, the Stoics maintained that we have a duty to serve society.

This sounds simple, but it takes years of training to develop a mind of love, inner peace, and joyful compassion. But the demands of ethics should make it difficult to smile in a world of pain and injustice.

Building upon the political perspective, we might note — as Steven Pinker has argued recently in his book, The Better Angels of our Nature — that peace, love, and happiness are the result of civilizing processes, including military and police power.

For Christians, the path to peace, love, and happiness passes through and beyond this world of wickedness, sin, and suffering. Moreover, Nietzsche argued that peace was merely the pallid dream of the mediocre, while powerful men were inspired by danger, adventure, and war.

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These and other disquieting thoughts arise when we begin thinking about peace, love, and happiness. Happiness is subverted by the demands of work, conformity, and bureaucracy. The creative joy of the artist, inventor, or genius often comes at the expense of those she loves.

The turmoil, sadness, suffering and cruelty of the cross are an essential part of the Christian story. It may be that best place to find peace, love, and happiness is in Epicurean gardens nestled safely in the heartland of an empire.

Smiles and hugs cannot end war, eliminate religious and ethnic conflict, nor cure psychopathology. The self-reliant individual finds happiness alone: Life is hard, and if people find peace, love, and happiness in a song or a slogan, we ought not begrudge them their slice of heaven.

For Christians, peace, love, and happiness are ultimately found far beyond the tumult of earthly life, death, and politics. The fact that a religion of peace, love, and happiness leads to suicidal protest in the face of oppression gives much food for thought.

Epicurus BCfor example, taught that a simple life, withdrawn from the tumult of politics, and spent in the company of loving friends, could be peaceful and happy. Statue of the Buddha at Bodh Gaya Acknowledging Suffering To resolve these difficulties we need to think deeply and clearly about the meaning of peace, love, and happiness.

One difficulty, perhaps impossible to surmount, is the fact that the conjunction of peace, love, and happiness contains internal contradictions. Tranquility is not easily cultivated when love inflames the heart.

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Christianity provides a similar source of contemplation. He also writes a regular column for the Fresno Bee.

Theory and Contemporary Issues Cengage Publishing. Peace may also result in unhappiness. And love easily becomes jealous and vengeful. The problem of the suffering of others is a central concern for both theists and Buddhists.

Buddhist practice is not merely selfish navel-gazing. Is it right to retreat to your garden while the outside world is plagued by war, hate, and sorrow? There are clear Epicurean elements in the hippy dream — especially in the idea that simple living apart from the mainstream is the key to peace, love, and happiness.

Kolakowski also argues that the Buddha would be deeply unhappy to know that most of the world remains bound to the wheel of suffering.Bishop Leon and Dr. Jacqueline Martin would like to invite you to join them for a Sunday morning celebration at the Love, Peace and Happiness Church.

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