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Helen was portrayed by Diane Kruger in the film Troy. Hades pretended to offer them hospitality and set a feast, but, as soon as the pair sat down, snakes coiled around their feet and held them there. Together they sail to Troy. They say that this Polyxo desired to avenge the death of Tlepolemus on Helen, now that she had her in her power.

The story of Zeuxis deals with this exact question: At Sparta, the urban sanctuary of Helen was located near the Platanistas, so called for the plane trees planted there.

Helen wanders woefully through the ruined city, halting at the spot where Paris was slain. Before this journey, Paris had been appointed by Zeus to judge the most beautiful goddess ; HeraAthenaor Aphrodite. She is filled with self-loathing and regret for what she has caused; by the end of the war, the Trojans have come to hate her.

His treaty is refused and both Menelaus and Agamemnon plot to have him murdered. Tyndareus readily agreed, and Odysseus proposed that, before the decision was made, all the suitors should swear a most solemn oath to defend the chosen husband against whoever should quarrel with him. He took her to Attica in Greece and locked her away under the care of his mother.

To realize his task, Zeuxis chose the five most beautiful maidens in the region. Afterwards the Greeks attack him, but he is saved by Trojan soldiers and is reunited with Helen. A mythological story without the gods is like a play without the supporting characters.

He carries out the deed, despite a heavy heart. Suitors came from all over Greece, hoping to win the famous beauty. If Menelaus loses, the Trojans may keep her. Leda then produced an egg, from which Helen emerged.

In Egypt after the Trojan War, Menelaus is allowed to choose between the real, disappointing Helen and an ideal Helen conjured by Egyptian magicians. At first she was given refuge on Rhodes by Polyxo, the widow of Tlepolemus, one of the Greek leaders who had died in the Trojan War.

The city of Troy looked exactly as one would imagine it to be — a grand city protected by impenetrable walls. Later, however, Polyxo had Helen hanged to avenge the death of her husband. Other versions of the myth say that Zeus seduced Nemesis, and she laid the two eggs.

For a while, Helen and Menelaus lived happily together. Shortly thereafter, Agamemnon finds and stabs Paris.

Agamemnon is visibly jealous. Homer narrates that during a brief stop-over in the small island of Kranaiaccording to Iliad, the two lovers consummated their passion. The fall of Troy came to represent a fall from an illustrious heroic age, remembered for centuries in oral tradition before being written down.

Megapenthes was a son of Menelaus by his concubine Tereis, no further origin. Although Helen is sometimes depicted as being raped by Paris, Ancient Greek sources are often elliptical and contradictory.

There is an affectionate relationship between the two of them, and Helen has harsh words to say for Paris, when she compares the two brothers: There, she sees an apparition of Paris and they embrace.

Archaeologists have unsuccessfully looked for a Mycenaean palatial complex buried beneath present-day Sparta. Leda then produced two eggs.

Helen of Troy

The Greek fleet gathered in Aulisbut the ships could not sail, because there was no wind. Their arrival at Troy marked the beginning of the Trojan War. Some time after Helen returned to Sparta, King Tyndareus decided that it was time for her to marry.

Then Helen and Menelaus set sail for Sparta.This article analyses the portrayal of Helen of Troy in the Iliad of Homer, according to Hanna M.

Roisman, and discusses her first appearance. Reaction Paper for Helen of Troy - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free/5(3).

Warned by Helen, Paris flees and, after they are both nearly caught by the Spartans, takes Helen with him to Troy. Under the pretense of helping Menelaus regain his honor, the Greeks unite, and the siege of.

Paris has fallen in love with Helen, the wife of king Menelaus, and smuggles her to Troy with him. Infuriated, Menelaus vows revenge. Menelaus approaches his brother Agamemnon, a king of Mycenae who has conquered every army of Greece, and now commands them.

Helen of Troy In Greek mythology, Helen of Troy was the most beautiful woman in the world. A daughter of the god Zeus*, she is best known for the part she played in causing the Trojan War*, a story told by Homer in the Iliad] and the Odyssey].

Reaction Paper This is a review/reaction paper for the movie Troy released indirected by Wolfgang Petersen and screenplay by David Benioff. Cast of characters: Achilles – Brad Pitt Hector – Eric Bana Helen of Troy – Diane Kruger Paris – Orlando Bloom King Priam – Peter O’Toole Menelaus – Brendan Gleeson Agamemnon – [ ].

Reaction about helen of troy
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