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The information repository of individual patients would lead to better security and quick data retrieval whenever required. Various companies offer novel systems and software for the management of health information. Backup cannot be longer to be considered as an option, as it is essential for restoring data damaged or lost by an unexpected event.

Electronic medical record comprises combination of clinical, financial, demographic and coded healthcare data. This research report analyzes this market on the basis of its market segments, major geographies, and current market trends.

With the introduction of EMR systems, the quality of medical service has tremendously improved in terms of providing satisfactory systematic clinical information and reducing the times for medical examination and treatment [ 5 ]. Abstract Objectives Electronic medical records EMRs are increasingly being used by health care services.

A "central backup system by private enterprises" implies that individual companies retain control over their own data. The current Swot analysis electronic medical record systems should be complemented and improved to address problems with safe data management and medical information storage.

It has been started with the US federal government announcement sincewhich was that a framework to accelerate the adoption of HIT, with the goal of creating an environment where EMR-related technological development could occur by promoting the reform of medical care services through technical innovation in medical informatics for most Americans within the next decade [ 4 ].

The software possesses the flexibility to allow anywhere and anytime access of data records. The "backup system based on mutual trust Swot analysis electronic medical record an individual and an organization" means that the medical information backup system at the organizational level is established through mutual trust.

Physicians and practices would be using EMR systems with interoperable standards, allowing them to share laboratory results, such as computerized orders and prescription information, with hospitals and other health care facilities. A "cooperative backup system among medical organizations" refers to a networked system established through mutual agreement.

Secondary medical institutions beds backup data through backup servers with support from electronic chart development by traders.

Then, we designed six kind of backup scenarios for electronic medical records in risk management and secure data storage. An owner of medical information only grants data access to the specific person who gave the authorization for backup based on the mutual trust between an individual and an organization.

Rapid changes in the medical environment have meant that medical records are increasingly kept with electronic form in computerized systems for keeping patient records offer many advantages. Introduction As the paradigm of medical care services changes with the increased difficulty of management and lack of storage space for medical records, medical agencies and others have turned to the development of medical informatics for improving patient care, medical examinations and treatment.

In recent years, health information technology HIT has become a major topic in medical information research [ 12 ]. Such electronic medical records are aimed at improving the overall quality of care. Some of the top companies operating in the electronic medical recordsmarket are 3M Company, Toshiba Medical Systems Corp.

Such companies have simplified the complex medical records, hence achieving quality outcomes. Asia Pacific is one of the fastest growing regions globally and is expected to emerge as the most promising market for the growth of the electronic medical records market.

Results Through the use of SWOT analysis it can be shown that cooperative backup among medical organizations is possible to be established through a network composed of various medical agencies and that it can be managed systematically.

No backup of data occurs in Out of these four regions, North America holds a leading position in the market followed by Europe.

A SWOT Analysis of the Various Backup Scenarios Used in Electronic Medical Record Systems

The prime factors driving the growth of the electronic medical recordsmarket in these regions are increased portability and accessibility of medical document management systems, and growing demand for paperless environment to minimize human error.

Request Report Methodology An electronic medical record is a digital version of paper-based medical information of patients.

Backup Policy According to System Type To manage and protect data in an information system, such as order communication system OCS or EMR, a backup system policy should be established as follows [ 7 ]: Many government organizations have also stressed upon the significance of electronic medical records.

On-premises software, also known as shrink wrap, is installed and operated from the premises of the person or any organization. We investigated current backup systems according to the type of medical institute using the system.

Each medical agency must have the backup saved system which is not connected to a network to manage and preserve EMRs safely. Enforcement regulations contained in medical law and Ordinance 18 also prescribe that individual medical institutions should be equipped with a backup storage system that is disconnected from the network to keep medical records safe.

SWOT Analysis

In this study, we propose six scenarios for EMR backup system using a SWOT strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat analysis to search for and evaluate an effective scheme. Cloud computing software allows centralized data storage and online access to services with multiple sites across geographic locations but do not support remote access to existing network.

Based on software delivery mode, the electronic medical records market can be segmented as follows:University of Utah Health provides patients complete care across all medical specialty and sub-specialty areas.

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Electronic Health Record foundation. A SWOT Analysis of the Various Backup Scenarios Used in Electronic Medical Record Systems Article (PDF Available) in Healthcare Informatics Research 17(3) ยท September with Reads.

Electronic medical record comprises combination of clinical, financial, demographic and coded healthcare data. Based on software delivery mode, the electronic medical records market can be segmented as follows: It provides distinctive graphics and exemplified SWOT analysis of Location: State Tower, 90 State Street, SuiteAlbany, Electronic Health Records; Health Business Solutions; Health Insurance Marketplaces (HIMs) Personal Health Record: SWOT Analysis.

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Electronic Medical Records Market

A SWOT Analysis of the Various Backup Scenarios Used in Electronic Medical Record Systems Hwa Jeong Seo, Electronic medical records (EMRs) are increasingly being used by health care services.

study was a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis in electronic health record implementation. This is a descriptive, analytical study conducted with the .

Swot analysis electronic medical record
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