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The research team was commissioned to provide the most up-to-date evaluation of the numbers of people with dementia in the UK, projections on numbers of people in the future and to explain the financial cost of dementia Health and social policy makers need accurate estimates of the numbers of people who currently have dementia and those who will develop it in the future in order to plan the services needed to support them.

Carers should have the opportunity to be involved whatever their age, gender, sexuality, disability or religion. For example, a caregiver may record a message to play that reminds a person to take a medication at the correct time.

It is a well recognised fact that Carers play a significant role in providing Support to people with dementia. Many family carers find the diagnosis of dementia traumatic.

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A Plan for Investment. I was pleased that I was able to ease the situation and calm him down. Picture Phones Specifically designed for people who cannot remember phone numbers and may need to contact someone quickly.

The idea of person centered care is helpful. It is argued that the NHS and Community Care treated carers as a resourse valued only in terms of their ability to provide supportthe act made no refernce to the rights for carers, relying instead opn the rhetoric of the guidance to deliver the message that they were valued.

They may not realise that support is available to them in their caring role. Some of the phones come with clear buttons where photos can be placed so that the person can just push Technology for the elderly with dementia essay button associated with the photos to call their loved one quickly. The positive things about this experience are that I followed procedures and assisted Tom with his hygiene needs.

The prevalence of young onset dementia under 65 years old was adjudged to be higher in men than in women for those aged 50—65, while late onset dementia was considered to be marginally more prevalent in women than in men. He was very capable of washing himself and I just helped by washing his back for him as he requested.

Foundations in Nursing and Health Care. Someone who has dementia may confuse night and day and an easy to read clock can help them distinguish the time. They can discuss this with a member of staff who can signpost them appropriately to the social work team. A Plan for Reform.

One of the biggest impacts is the loss of freedom and flexibility to have a life because the constant role of looking after someone and limiting what you can do and where you can go.

One of the patients that required assistance was a seventy four year old gentleman called Tom who was admitted to the ward in preparation for a procedure called a transurethral resection of the prostate TURPthis is to reduce the size of an enlarged prostate Shannon He also suffered from Dementia, this is a syndrome of gradual progressive cognitive decline which brings with it confusion and memory loss Insel and Badger If I had used this technique I may have been able to make Tom feel more at ease with the situation, thus avoiding the verbal aggression, this is a skill I will carry forward and utilise in the future.

The consensus group also generated estimates of the prevalence of dementia among all those aged 65 years and over living in EMI elderly mentally infirm homes These phones have large numbers and are pre-programmable with frequently called phone numbers.

Share your tips in the comments below. In accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council NMC Code of Professional Conduct, performance and ethics and to protect the confidentiality of the trust and staff members all names will remain anonymous, for the purpose of this essay the patient will be known as Tom.

Other reminder messages can also let those who have dementia know not to open the door, to go back to bed and to provide reassurance when the caregiver is not present.

Nurses identified that some assessment tools used to assess dementia are not culturally appropriate. Frontotemporal dementia was considered to account for a substantial proportion of young onset cases among younger men.

Dementia describes signs and symptoms that transpire when the brain is affected by a number of specific diseases and conditions. The most common areas the carers would need assistance with would be a key person to contact when help is needed.Medication management technology can be as simple as a pillbox marked with days of the week, or as high tech as automated pill dispensers which beep and open to remind caregivers and those with dementia to take their medication.

May 03,  · The tech analyst Laurie Orlov of the Aging in Place Technology Watch blog has called for a national campaign to bring percent of seniors online.

7 Technological Innovations for Those with Dementia

Teaching skills only addresses part of the problem, of course; the costs of devices and of Internet service also keep older people offline, and so do physical limitations or cognitive. Essay on Dementia in Older Adults; Essay on Dementia in Older Adults Technology and Older Adults Essay Words | 7 Pages.

Technology and Older Adults It is commonly believed that older people are uncomfortable with new forms of technology and that they are more resistant to using technology than are younger people.

More about Essay. Types of Dementia Essay. DEMENTIA’S Dementia is a vague term used to describe a person that has loss of memory and change in behavior and activities.

It goes beyond the forgetfulness and absent minded. It is commonly used In reference to the elderly, when cognitive abilities start to slip from one’s own control. Dementia cannot be diagnosed. Related Documents: communication with dementia Essay Dementia 3 Essay 1 Dementia level 2 Task 5 & Most common causes of Dementia and the symptoms Alzheimer's Vascular Dementia Lewy Body dementia Fronto-Temporal Dementia Alzheimer's Its is probably the best-know cause of dementia, accounting for about two-thirds of cases in the elderly.

This highlights that most of the research has concentrated on elderly sufferers possibly to the detriment of the younger suffers and their careers. dementia, free essay. Category: Free Essays, Health. The WritePass Journal.

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