The history and use of the positouch system

The menus diverged and were no longer the same. Obviously this will be easier than the former but it would work. A few things to mention; The current setup in my database allows for changing dates, certain screens and inventory records at the store level.

After creating the filter export files I copy the export file and then import the files into each site. Here are the main modules elaborated to optimize each aspect of your service and management: Thanks to its many features, orders are forwarded directly to the kitchen.

This way, you are able to accurately predict merchandise use and avoid losses. Inventory Management Software Eliminate the guesswork - Start controlling your inventory with accurate information on product movement and cost of raw materials Recipe Creation - Track all of the items that are needed to create each menu item, allowing you to manage purchase and usage of those materials Variance Tracking - Compare physical inventory to point of sale usage to determine any issues that need management attention Mobile Solutions Available Wireless tablets and handheld devices can be used as full POSitouch terminals.

Besides the effects that the store experience if you are working in a team environment you also have to deal with the fact that your teammates might not be very receptive to the changes that this also creates at the store level.

Over the last four years the original menu system has been modified as each new store and each new need presented itself. In Ohio and Hawaii there is no tax on orders not eaten on premises.

A need has arisen to centralize both the menu screens and inventory files.

Restaurants Solutions

POSiTouch Convenient point of sale POS system for businesses POSitouch is a complete and advanced point of sale system that has been setting itself apart for 25 years in the restaurant services field thanks to its user-friendliness, reliability and multiple options.

Tune in next month for an introduction into the Labor Scheduler. Close the Privacy menu and refresh the page. After making any corrections and adding inventory information I send down the affect files to the store using our preferred deployment method. To a point that argument could hold water.

Creating a new database Obviously the first step is to create a new database or alternatively to take an existing one and change it to meet your needs. You can easily follow up with order statuses thanks to a 4-colour code and know how long each preparation step takes to complete.

I use a batch file to copy and import into each site. Make sure you click Allow or Grant Permissions if your browser asks for your location. Integrated stock management This system aims to make stocktaking easier while also maintaining stock levels. They can securely manage several establishments, have access to a complete database at any time, generate reports on smartphones and set up alerts for adequate follow-ups.

Ideal solution for these business sectors. At the top of your Chrome window, near the web address, click the green lock labeled Secure. The first thing to consider is the importance of accurate and successful changes.

Prices are controlled at the store either by the Regional Manager or the store manager. At the top of your Firefox window, to the left of the web address, you should see a green lock. This way, you will achieve better kitchen management and team performance as well as faster service.

With this system, you can now do quick pay-at-table transactions and automatically close tables on POSitouch. Credit and debit cards module management The credit and debit cards module, which is compatible with many renowned banking institutions, serves to reduce costs and risk of errors related to payment operations.

Driver dispatch and cash accountability. Integrated table management Numerous features are designed to make table service quicker and easier. At the top-right hand corner of the window, click the button with three dots on it, then Settings.Retail POS Systems Are Our Specialty.

If you need a POS system that is powerful, easy to use, and a back up support team that is always there for you, you get it from POS NATION, the recipient of a strong FIVE STAR RATING." you will be able to have a complete listing of any open or paid invoices and the payment history of a particular.

POSitouch is the premier point of sale system for the hospitality industry.

This scalable solution can be used as a reliable system for clients of various sizes, and has applications for table service, quick service, hotels, country clubs, delivery, stadiums and arenas, and more. Dec 03,  · Information on POSitouch point of sale system features and functions of version Visit us at 1 review of Positouch Point of Sale Systems "I would definitely do my due diligence before using this company.

I have had the system for about 3 years and have had to make numerous hardware replacements and had software issues. I noticed that 1/5(1). POSitouch is a complete and advanced point of sale system that has been setting itself apart for 25 years in the restaurant services field thanks to its user-friendliness, reliability and multiple options.

This system’s diverse features have been designed to improve customer service, modernize the restaurant’s management and improve the. Oct 11,  · Using a Master POS database to Control Menus and Inventory First a bit of History.

Positouch Point of Sale Systems

I work for a small chain of restaurants that use POSiTouch as its POS system. For over 4 years they have implemented POSiTouch in each store. In each store there are a number of differences.

The history and use of the positouch system
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