The importance of power and politics

MacIver is of the view that everything that is happening around us is in some way or the other concerned with power. According to Laswell and Kaplan, "The concept of power is perhaps the most fundamental in the whole of Political Science, the political process is the shaping, distribution and exercise of power in a wider sense, of all the deference values or of influence in general ".

Erich Kaufman say, "The essence of the State is Machtentfaltung development, increase and display of power ", along with the will successfully to maintain and assert itself.

An organization without clear policies and chains of command leads to employees spending more time searching for answers and attempting to fix problems than actually completing quality work. Difference between Power and Force: If employees are encouraged to engage in dishonest or unethical behavior to get ahead and favoritism trumps the quality of work, an organization faces decreases in productivity and higher turnover rates.

Importance of Power, Influence, Authority and Legitimacy in Political Science

This is another example of using force. Power of this kind is often said to be legitimate. That territory continues still in the occupation of these country.

The Impact of Power and Politics in Organizational Productivity

There is a lot of difference between political power and military power. The essence of authority is not that it is power force ; it is that authority that those who are affected acknowledge the authority of those who affect them. Any how, power and influence are supplementary.

A person may be affected in his action by the introduction of well presented new evidence, though the only consequence of ignoring it may be to appear unreasonable. So it is a process of sanctions which differentiates power from influence in general.

This includes giving employees the power to make decisions, rewarding employees for strong performance and appointing employees who perform strongly to supervise other employees. In the political power the military power plays a secondary role because the military authorities have to obey the President and Prime Minister.

The Authority can be easily distinguished from the coercion, power and force on one hand, and leadership and influence on the other hand on the basis of legitimacy.

For example, we say that parents have got the authority over their children or elder brothers and sisters have got authority over their younger brothers and sisters.

Regarding it, Robert A. Slates and Government exist to exert power. Fredrick says, "The man who has Authority possesses something that I would describe as the capacity for reasoned elaboration, for giving convincing reasons for what he does or proposes to have others do".

Measurement of Power is also an important question. In the political field the authority has to be legitimate in order to command willing obedience.

In democratic countries the power is gained through elections in which the money and various other methods are frequently used. Poland refused to give it. Dev Kant Barooah, Congress President was criticised by his opponents for the rout of the Congress inthen he remarked that the fault lay with the decision-maker i.

In our country Acharya Kautilya Chanakya threw sufficient light on the importance of power in his famous book Kautilya Arthsastra because it was the basis of whole human life.

According to Catlin, concept of power is fundamental in Political Science. The value of sanctions will vary from man to man and society to society. So any power which is backed by law is authority. In dictatorship of such a type, the General seizes power by means of force and makes others obey with the help of military.Power and politics play a huge role in business, from governing how decisions are made to how employees interact with one another.

In businesses big and small, the impact of power depends on. The Importance Of Power And Politics In Organizations. are many aspects of an organization that can greatly affect their success and moral. Some of the areas that can play a key role in the organization are; power, politics, code of conduct, business intentions, objectivity, personal agendas, and organizational goals.

Power and politics can have both a positive and negative affect on an.

Importance of Power: The concept of power is the most influential one in the whole of Political Science. Socrates. Plato, Aristotle etc. have admitted the importance of power in their own way.

In. The Importance of Politics Introduction The term "politics" normally conjure up illustrations of the heads of government, legislators and the government. Currently, an even more general undertone is the thought of corruption and sleazy dealings. The concept of politics originates from the Greek.

Power and Politics in Organizational Life. power and politics are dirty words. frank recognition of the importance of personality factors and a sensitive use of the strengths and. The Influence of Power and Politics in Organizations (Part 1) Bernard Oladosu Omisore, Ph.D the influence of power and politics in organizations presents a political analysis of intraorganizational relations in which power play and politics is normal.

In any organization, we look up to people/human resources KEYWORDS: Influence, power.

The importance of power and politics
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