The world is flat the ten forces that flattened the world

Globalization and the Flat World

Who is Exploiting Who? Adaptable -- constantly acquiring new skills that "can make you at least temporarily special, specialized, or anchored, and therefore at least temporarily untouchable and more likely to reap rising wages" p.

The world being flat refers to a leveled playing field of business where all competitors have equal opportunities, and the flatteners are events and developments that have allowed this to happen.

The Ten Forces That Flattened the World Essay

China was torn between adapting or resisting ideas from the West. November 9, Fall of the Berlin Wall Taking away this cover of communism distributed power in the world increasing connections, trade, and economic reliance between countries.

When Marco Polo visited 13th-century China, he found a rich land known for the invention of paper, printing, gunpowder, and the compass.

Politically, the collapse essentially ended the Cold Warsignified the failure of communism in East Germanyand reunited a divided country. Friedman called the flattener "When the walls came down, and the windows came up.

He begins with the fall of the Berlin Wall inone of the most vivid examples of the impact of technology on human history. There was an emergence of software protocols SMTP — simple mail transfer protocol; HTML — the language that enabled anyone to design and publish documents that could be transmitted to and read on any computer anywhere Standards on Standards.

The 20th century brought more turmoil to China: It seemed that uploading gave the little person, the geeks as Friedman calls them, more power. Blogging, podcasting, Wikipedia, and Amazon publishing are all forms of free uploading open to all.

He emphasizes the significant changes that have taken place in the hi-tech industry during these past few years and severely criticizes those who do not embrace these changes, no matter what their reasons might be.

At this point, the basic platform for the revolution to follow was created: In writing this book, Friedman makes use of his previous knowledge of the industrial and technological development. For instance, as recently as years ago, 90 percent of Americans worked in agriculture. We must ask ourselves why some people in the world are poor and why others are not.

The little man no longer needs the traditional institutions they could simply create their own. The Ten Forces that Flattened the World Friedman lists 10 major worldwide events that he credits as being central to the increase in globalization. I think that empowerment the individuals get in these community based initiatives outweigh the economic benefit.Forces that flattened the World.

Ten Forces That Flattened the World & the Triple Convergence As per "The World is Flat" By Thomas Friedman three two one Connect & Copy of Forces that flattened the Wo Rrr. Popular presentations. See more popular or the latest. prezis. Prezi. (the World Is Flat, Chapter 2, "The Ten Forces That Flattened the World," p.

62) The worldwide spread usage of the Internet drastically reduced the costs of international communications, it made it possible for business associates to organize online conferences, for employers to hire workers from anywhere on the globe, it is a highly important. Jan 30,  · 10 "Flatteners" of the World On July 24,Thomas L.

Friedman published a further updated and expanded edition of his book “The World is Flat.“ In my next blog, I would like to discuss how “the flat world” affects education system, teachers and students.

The World is Flat: Chapter 1,2

Nov 12,  · The Ten Forces That Flattened The World I wish I could have complemented on all of the flatteners but I had to cut them in half for time and space reasons. I have briefly discussed the first five flatteners in detail below. chapter 2: the ten forces that flattened the world What Tom Friedman means by the phrase “The World is Flat” is that “the global competitive playing field is being leveled It is now possible for more people than ever to collaborate and.

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The world is flat the ten forces that flattened the world
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